Prof. Eiichi Nakamura was Appointed as the Honored Professor of ECUST, October 18, 2017

On October 18th 2017, Prof. Eiichi Nakamura (Professor of The University of Tokyo), was appointed as the Honored Professor of ECUST. The ceremony was presided by Prof. Huifeng Wang (Director of Human Resources of ECUST). Prof. Qu Jingping (President of ECUST), Prof. Tian He, Mr. Wang Aixiang (Director of the President's Office of ECUST), Prof. Weihong Zhu (Deputy Director of the Office of Promotion of Science and Technology of ECUST) attended the ceremony.

After the introduction of Prof. Eiichi Nakamura by Prof. Weihong Zhu, Prof. Qu Jingping awarded Prof. Nakamura with the appointment letter of “Honored Professor of East China University of Science and Technology” as well as the University Badge.


Prof. Qu Jingping gave his appreciations to Prof. Eiichi Nakamura for his outstanding performance in chemical and material research. And he also welcomed and acknowledged the joining of Prof. Eiichi Nakamura on behalf of ECUST. He stated that, the joining of Prof. Eiichi Nakamura will further strengthen the cooperation between ECUST and the University of Tokyo, help promote the scientific research development as well as the construction of chemistry discipline of our university.

Prof. Nakamura accepted the appointment with great pleasure. He recalled the moment when first came to China with his wife in 1980s and admired the great progress of China’s cities. He was also delighted with the significant contributions of ECUST in chemistry world and indicated that he will fully support the development of chemistry and academic exchanges between Tokyo and ECUST in the future.


After the ceremony, Prof. Nakamura delivered a seminar report titled  Chemistry: A Bridge between Molecular and Real Worlds  and answered questions about organic molecular behavior. In the ended, Prof. Nakamura played a folk music on flute as a gift to his old friend, Prof. Qu Jingping (once studied and worked in Tokyo city, Japan in 1990s) and all the teachers and students in the lecture hall.


Introduction of Prof. Eiichi Nakamura:


Molecular Technology Innovation Chair Professor

Office of the President and Department of Chemistry, The University of Tokyo

tel/fax: 03-5800-6889, E-mail:


Birth Date and Place

February 24, 1951; Tokyo, Japan



1973 B.S. Faculty of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Professor Teruaki Mukaiyama)

1978 Ph.D in chemistry, Department of Chemistry, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Professor Isao Kuwajima)

1978-1980 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University, New York (Professor Gilbert Stork)


Major Research Interest

Physical organic chemistry directed toward creation of new reactions, new molecules and materials, and new functions. Exploration of methodologies for physical organic chemistry such as high-resolution electron microscopy.

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