Prof. Li Yongfang was appointed as the Honored Professor of ECUST, January 13, 2014

    Prof. Li Yongfang was appointed as the Honored Professor of our university.

    January 13th, Prof. Li Yongfang (Academician of Chinese Academy of Science), outstanding alumni of ECUST, was appointed as the Honored Professor of ECUST. The ceremony was presided by Prof. Tian He(Academician of CAS). Prof. Ma Yulu (Vice-President of ECUST), Prof. Hu Ying(Academician of CAS), Prof. Tang Yanhui (Secretary of School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering), and academic leaders Prof. Liu Honglai, Prof. Long Yitao, Prof. Zhu Weihong also attended the ceremony. After the introduction of Prof. Li Yongfang, Prof. Ma Yulu awarded Prof. Li Yongfang with the appointment letter of “Honored Professor of East China University of Science and Technology” as well as the University Badge.

    During the ceremony, Prof. Ma welcomed and acknowledged the joining of Prof. Li Yongfang on behalf of ECUST. She stated that, the returning of Prof. Li will further strengthen the cooperation between ECUST and Chinese Academy of Science Institute of Chemistry, also with Suzhou University, and help promote the scientific research development as well as the disciplinary construction of chemistry of our university. Prof. Li first appreciated to his teacher Prof. Hu Ying for his help and encouragement these years, he also appreciated to his alma mater for help and care. At the same time, Prof. Li was delighted with the significant progress of our university in recent years and indicated that he will fully support the development of chemistry and other disciplines of ECUST in the future.

    After the ceremony, Prof. Li gave two lectures titled "My life and scientific insights" and "Polymer solar cells materials and devices". First he introduced his life journey and the development of scientific research, reviewed of the resumption of college entrance examination to bring young people opportunities and challenges, recalled his study and life in ECUST. He cautioned presented young teachers and students that hard work is the path to success, we should seize the opportunity and enjoy the scientific research we’re doing. He also emphasized that chances favored the minds that are prepared. After that, Prof. Li introduced his research team in the polymer solar cell devices and materials research, analyzed the difficulties of solar cell materials and devices research and future development prospects and direction. After the lecture, Prof. Li patiently answered the questions raised by presented teachers and students.

    Prof. Li also visited the Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials. Prof. Tian He made a detailed introduction of the construction, development and the proposal of application for State Key Laboratory, and Prof. Li gave some valuable suggestions on the sustainable development for the Key Laboratory.

CV of Prof. Li Yongfang:

Prof. Li Yongfang was born in Chongqing in August 10th, 1948.
1978.3.-1979.7., Undergraduate student, East China Institute of Chemical Technology, Shanghai 200237, China.
  1979.9.-1982.11., Master Degree student, Physical Chemistry Specialty, Chemistry Department, East China Institute of Chemical Technology (present name: East China University of Science and Technoloty), Shanghai 200237, China.  
  1983.3.-1986.7., Ph.D. student, Physical Chemistry Specialty, Chemistry Department, Fudan University. Shanghai 200433, China.
  1986.8.–1988.8., Postdoctoral fellow in Institute of Chemistry, CAS (ICCAS), Beijing 100190, China. Doing the research on the electrochemistry of conducting polymers with Prof. Qian Renyuan.
  1988.9. –2012., staff of ICCAS, Beijing 100190, China.
  1993.-present, Professor.
  1988.10.-1991.4., Visiting scholar, Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), Okazaki, Japan. Doing research on organic conductors and organic semiconductors in Prof. Hiroo Inokuchi’s group.
  1997.6.–1998.6., Visiting Scientist, Institute for Polymers and Organic Solids, UCSB, USA. Doing the research on polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells in Prof. Alan J. Heeger’s group.
  1998.10.-1998.11. JSPS Visiting Scientist, IMS, Japan
  2000.2.-2000.5. Senior Visiting Scientist, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA, USA. Doing the research on polymer light-emitting devices in Prof. Yang Yang’s group.
Conjugated polymer photovoltaic materials and polymer solar cells.
    1995, winning the Second-Grade National Award of China on Natural Sciences, for the contribution in “The studies on conducting polypyrrole”. 1998, named as “Young and Middle-aged Specialist with Outstanding Contributions in Natural Science” by Chinese government. 2005, winning the First-Grade Award of Beijing City on Science and Technology, for the contribution in “The studies on the electrochemistry of conducting polymers and polymer light-emitting electrochemical cells”.

    He published over 400 papers in international academic journals included 120 papers IF higher than 5. He co-authored with his tutor Prof. Wu Haoqing for <Electrochemical Kinetics>, and written  collaboratively with two of his students for <Polymer Solar Cells Materials and Devices>. His papers have been quoted over 11500 times. And H-factor was 58.


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