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Jun HU



Contact Information
  Email: junhu@ecust.edu.cn
  Office Phone: +86 21 642 52922
  Office Fex: +86 21 642 52922
  2006.06 Ph.D. Physical chemistry, East China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai, P. R. China
  1995.06 M.Sc. Chemical engineering, East China University of Science & Technology Shanghai, P. R. China
  1986.07 B.S. Material engineering, East China University of Science & Technology Shanghai, P. R. China

Research Interests
The research interests are to combine experimental and computational chemistry to investigate the physical and chemical properties of complex matters, such as mesopouros materials, metal organic framework(MOF) material, colloids, and polymers. The objectives are to provide microscopic insights into macroscopic properties, and subsequently to assist the rational design of novel products and to explore the applications of adsorption, drug-delivery, and lithium battery electrode.
Professional Experience
  Full professor, East China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai, CHINA

  Visiting Scholar, Sydney University, AUSTRALIA
Selected Publications (Recent 5 years)
  1. Feng Gao, Jun Hu*, Changjun Peng, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu. (2012): Synergic Effects of Imidazolium Ionic Liquids on P123 Mixed Micelles for Inducing Micro/Mesoporous Composites, Langmuir, 28, 2950?2959
  2. Jing Tang, Zijun Bian, Jun Hu*, Shouhong Xu, Honglai Liu, (2012): The Effect of P123 Template in Mesopores of Mesocellular Foam on the Controlled-release of Venlafaxine. Intern. J. Pharmaceutics, 424(1-2), 89-97.
  3. Huiling Zhao, Yanhui Ma, Zijun Bian, Jun Hu*, Honglai Liu. (2012): Investigation of Mg Modified Mesoporous Silicas and Their CO2 Adsorption Capacities, Solid State Science, 14, 250-257
  4. Wei Yan, Jing Tang, Zijun Bian, Jun Hu*, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu. (2012): Carbon Dioxide Capture by Amine-impregnated Mesocellular Foam Containing Template. Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 51, 3653?3662
  5. Yujun Zhu, Jianhai Zhou, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu. (2012): The effect of grafted amine group on the adsorption of CO2 in MCM-41: A molecular simulation, Catalysis Today 194 53– 59.
  6. Huiqing Ren, Jiaying Jin, Jun Hu,* Honglai Liu. (2012): Affinity between Metal?Organic Frameworks and Polyimides in Asymmetric Mixed Matrix Membranes for Gas Separation, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res. 51, 10156?10164
  7. Yujun Zhu, Jianhai Zhou, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu. (2012): Computer Simulation of Gas Adsorption in Modified COF-108: the Impregnation of C60 into COF-108, Molecular Simulation, 38:7, 595-603
  8. 赵会玲, 卞子君, 周建海, 胡军*, 刘洪来. (2012): 一步法制备钛负载介孔材料及其对CO2 的吸附,中国科学: 化学 42(3): 313-319。
  9. Jun Hu, Feng Gao, Yazhuo Shang, Changjun Peng, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu. (2011): One-step synthesis of micro/mesoporous material templated by CTAB and imidazole ionic liquid in aqueous solution. Microporous Mesoporous Mater. 142, 268-275.
  10. Zhao H. L., Ma Y. H., Bian Z. J., Hu J*., Liu H. L. (2011): Influence of the Solvent Properties on MCM-41 Surface, Solution Chemistry, 40 , 740-749.
  11. Zhuo S. C., Huang Y. M., Hu J.*, Liu H. L (2011): Atomistic simulations for adsorption of CO2, N2 and flue gas in MFI zeolite and MFI/MCM-41 micro/mesoporous composite, Frontier of Chem. Eng. In China, 5(2), 264-273.
  12. Zhu X., Lu Y. X., Peng C. J., Hu J. Liu H. L., Hu Y. (2011): Halogen Bonding Interactions between Brominated Ion Pairs and CO2 Molecules: Implications for Design of New and Efficient Ionic Liquids for CO2 Absorption, J. Phys. Chem. B, 115, 3949-3958.
  13. Tang J., Slowing I., Huang Y. L., Trewyn B. G., Hu J., Liu H. L., Lin V. S. Y. (2011): Biodegradable Poly(lactic acid)-coated Mesoporous Silica Nanosphere for Controlled Release of Venlafaxine, submitted to J. Colloid Intef. Sci., 360, 488-496.
  14. Mingxian Liu, Lihua Gan, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu and Longwu Chen, (2011): Carbon Microspheres Prepared by High Internal Phase Emulsion Polymerization, Advanced Materials Research, 239-242 , 3105-3108.
  15. Jin Y. X., Tang J., Hu J.*, Han X., Liu H. L. (2011): Fabrication of ultra-low dielectric constant polyimide films consisting of mesoporous nanoparticles via one-step solvent evaporation induced self-assembly strategy, Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochem. Eng. Aspects, 392, 178-186.
  16. ZHU Yujun, ZHOU Jianhai, HU Jun, LIU Honglai, HU Ying. (2011): Computer Simulation of Adsorption and Separation of CO2/CH4 in Modified COF-102, Chin. J. Chem. Eng. 2011, 19(5), 709-716
  17. 赵会玲,许胜,胡军*,刘洪来. (2011): 茂金属负载介孔材料的一步法合成及其对酯化反应的催化作用,物理化学学报,27 (2), 499-504.
  18. 马燕辉,赵会玲,唐圣杰,胡军*,刘洪来. (2011): 微孔/介孔复合分子筛的合成及其对CO2的吸附性能,物理化学学报, 27 (3): 689-696.
  19. Feng LIU, Li-Juan ZHANG, Jian-Hua XIAO, Jun HU*, Hong-Lai LIU. (2010): A mesoporous silica modified conjugated polymer film: Preparation and detection nitroaromatics in aqueous phase, Front. Mater. Sci. China 4(2), 158–163.
  20. Mingxian Liu, Lihua Gan, Zijie Xu, Longwu Chen, Jun Hu, and Honglai Liu. (2010): Unusual Phase Inversion Behavior in an Emulsion Polymerization System Caused by Ammonia, Chem. Lett. 39, 274-275
  21. Yazhuo Shang, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu. (2010): Triple assembly of ZnO, large-scale hollow spherical shells with flower-like species consisting of rods grown on the outer surfaces of shells, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 183, 696–701.
  22. Hu J., Cai H. P., Ren H. Q., Wei Y. M., Xu Z. L., Liu H. L., Hu Y. (2010): Mixed matrix membrane hollow fibers of Cu3(BTC)2 MOF and polyimide for gas separation and adsorption, Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 49(24), 12605-12612
  23. Han X., Zhou Y., Hu J., Liu H. L. (2010): Surface modification and characterization of SEBS films obtained by in situ and ex situ oxidization with potassium permanganate, J. Polym. Sci. B Polym. Phys., 48(21), 2010: 2262-2273
  24. 范玉冰,荆长勇,马燕辉,胡军*,刘洪来. (2010): 乙醇调控合成MgO掺杂硅基纳米空心球,华东理工大学学报,36(2), 2010: 216-221
  25. Jing Tang, Yubing Fan, Jun Hu*, Honglai Liu. (2009): Fabrication of the Ordered Lamellar Polyacrylamide/P123 Composite membranes via Solvent Evaporation Induced Self Assembly Approach. J. Colloid. Interface Sci., 331, 191–195
  26. 路霞,唐静,范玉冰,胡军*,刘洪来. (2009): 反相微乳液模板法合成介孔聚苯乙烯. 物理化学学报. 25(1), 178-182
  27. Jinxia Li, Lihui Zhoua, Xia Han, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu, Jian Xu. (2009): Direct electrochemistry of hemoglobin immobilized on siliceous mesostructured cellular foam, Sensors and Actuators B, 138, 545–549.
  28. Zhuo S. C., Huang Y. M., Hu J., Liu H. L., Hu Y., Jiang J. W. (2008): Computer simulation study of the adsorption of CO2, N2 and mimic flue gas on MCM-41, J. Phys. Chem. C, 112, 11295–11300.
  29. Li-Hui Zhou, Ying-Hua Tao, Jun Hu*, Xia Han, Hong-Lai Liu*, Ying Hu. (2008): Effect of pore structure of SBA-15 on immobilization of Hemoglobin. Journal of Porous Materials, 15, 653-659.
  30. Xiaofang Zhao, Yazhuo Shang, Jun Hu, Honglai Liu, Ying Hu. (2008): Biophysical characterization of complexation of DNA with oppositely charged Gemini surfactant 12-3-12,Biophys. Chem.,138,2008: 144-149.

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