Yiping DU

Yiping Du 


Professor of School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering.
Vice-Director of Research Center of Analysis and Test.

Contact Information
  Office: Room 112, Researching Building 4
  Office Phone: 86 21 642 50551
  Office Fax:  +86 21 642 52947

  2002.12 Ph.D.   Analytical Chemistry, Hunan University
                            Changsha, P. R. China

1990.03  M.S.    Applied Chemistry, East China University of Science &
                            Technology, Shanghai, P. R. China

1985.07 B.S.     Analytical Chemistry, Qiqihar University
                            Qiqihar, P. R. China

Research Interests
  Chemometrics: Pretreatment and Wavelength Selection of Spectra, Variate Calibration, Variate Resolution, Patten Recognition
  Near Infrared Spectrocopy: Micro NIR, Modelling Method Development
  Raman Spectroscopy: SERS based on Porous Materials
  Microfluidic Chip with detections of SERS and Flourescent Spectroscopy

Professional Experience
  2005- now
  Professor of School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering
  Vice-Director of Research Center of Analysis and Test
  East China University of Science & Technology, Shanghai, China

  Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, China
  Professor of Chemistry
  Shandong University of Technology, Zibo, China


Postdoctoral fellow
  Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Group Members
  Dr. Ting Wu
  Huilian Hu
  Yan Kang

Ph.D. Students:
  Kaiyi Zheng
  Guiping Chen
  Bingxiang Liu
  Xuan Zhang
  Peijin Tong
  Xuan Wang
  Yingcheng Pan
  Wei Li

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