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Contact Information
Office: Room 305, Researching Building 14
              130Meilong Road


            P. R. CHINA
  Office Phone: +86 21 642 51101
  Office Fex: +86 21 642 52923
  2004.12   Ph.D.  Physical Chemistry, The Queen’s University of Belfast
                               Belfast, United Kingdom

2000.07  B.Eng  Applied Chemistry (Fine chemical engineering), Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai, P. R. China
Research Interests
  Heterogeneous catalysis, surface science and solid state chemistry
  Computational chemistry, Density functional theory
  Metal oxide surfaces, surface structure, catalytic mechanism
Professional Experience
2007-now   Professor, Doctoral Supervisor
                     Research Institute of Industrial Catalysis
                     East China University of Sci. & Tech.
                     Shanghai, P.R. China
  2004-2007  Post-Doc Research Associate
                     Department of Chemistry
                     Princeton University
                     Princeton, NJ, USA
Selected Publications (*Corresponding author)
  1.Junguang Tao, Qian Cuan, Xue-Qing Gong* and Matthias Batzill*
  Diffusion and reaction of hydrogen on rutile TiO2(011)-21: The role of surface structure
  The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116, 20438-20446 (2012)
  2.Fendy Chen, Di Liu, Jie Zhang, P. Hu, Xue-Qing Gong* and Guanzhong Lu*
  A DFT+U study of the lattice oxygen reactivity toward direct CO oxidation on the CeO2(111) and (110) surfaces
  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14, 16573-16580 (2012)

3.Qian Cuan, Junguang Tao, Xue-Qing Gong* and Matthias Batzill*
  Adsorbate induced restructuring of TiO2(011)-21 leads to one-dimensional nanocluster formation
  Physical Review Letters 108, 106105 (2012)

4.Wei-Kun Li, Li-Na Chu, Xue-Qing Gong* and Guanzhong Lu*
  A Comparative DFT Study of Adsorption and Catalytic Performance of Au Nanoparticles at Anatase and Brookite TiO2 Surfaces
  Surface Science 605, 1369-1380 (2011)

5.Shao-Chun Li, Li-Na Chu, Xue-Qing Gong and Ulrike Diebold*
  Hydrogen Bonding Controls the Dynamics of Catechol Adsorbed on a TiO2(110) Surface
  Science 328, 882-884 (2010)

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