Guanzhong LU

Guanzhong LU


Professor of Chemistry

President of Shanghai Institute of Technology

Chief Scientist for the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program)

Contact Information
Office: Room 207, Researching Building 8
  Office Phone: +86 21 642 52827
  Office Fex: +86 21 642 53824
  1990.03 Ph.D. Organic Chemical Technology (Industrial Catalysis), East China University of Science & Technology (ECUST), Shanghai, P. R. China
  1986.07 M.Sc. Industrial Catalysis, ECUST, Shanghai, P. R. China
  1983.07 B.S. Organic Chemical Technology, ECUST, Shanghai, P. R. China
Research Interests
  Design and preparation of New catalytic materials and its catalytic chemistry
  Catalysis for environmental protection and organic chemical industry
  Rare earth solid chemistry and catalysis
Professional Experience
  President of Shanghai Institute of Technology

  Visiting Professor, Chemistry Department, McGill University, Canada), financially supported by Quebec Merit Fellowships Program

  Vice-President of ECUST

  Visiting Professor, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), financially supported by Croucher Foundation

  Professor and Dean of School of Science, ECUST

  Dean of Chemistry Department, ECUST


Deputy Dean of Chemistry Department, ECUST

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