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Chunchang ZHAO



Contact Information
  Office: Room 117, ResearchingBuilding 13
  Office Phone: +86 21 64252388
  Office Fax: 
  2004.06 Ph.D.  Organic Chemistry, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, CAS, Beijing,P. R. China
  2001.03 M.Sc. Organic Chemistry, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P. R. China
  1998.07 Eng.    Applied Chemistry, Tianjin University, Tianjin, P. R. China
Research Interests
  Molecular Imaging Sensors
  Organicmaterials, Organic-Inorganic hybrid materials
  Supramolecular Chemistry
Professional Experience
2013 - now
  Professor, East ChinaUniversity of Science &Technology, Shanghai, CHINA

  Associate professor, East ChinaUniversity of Science &Technology, Shanghai, CHINA

  Postdoctoral fellow, University of Rochester, USA

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7.       Jian Cao, Chunchang Zhao*, PengFeng, Yulin Zhang and Weihong Zhu*, A colorimetric andratiometric NIR fluorescent turn-on fluoride chemodosimeter based on BODIPYderivatives: high selectivity via specific Si–O cleavage, RSC Adv., 2012, 2, 418-420.

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