Experimental & Teaching Center for Chemistry

The engineering chemistry experimental teaching center was built in 2007 and fully operational at Fengxian campus, with an investment of 24 million and net area of 12000m2. It was a remark for the establishment of the new two-stage chemistry experimental teaching pattern: Fengxian campus mainly focus on basic chemistry experiments and Xuhui campus mainly focus on research experiments and innovative practice education. Dozens of laboratories equipped with abundant experimental tables and instruments are located in four lab buildings for a variety of basic experiment and innovation chemistry experiments. Multi-media classrooms, computer rooms and curricula-variable platform are also available for experiment teaching. Both the lab scale and environment are in the top class domestically. Independent study system for students is under construction for informationized and networking management to make sure the center open for all kinds of experiments. The center is aiming at making contribution to improving the level of chemistry experiment teaching and quality of talent development. 

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