Intro: Applied chemistry

Based on the national first-class discipline-chemistry and national key disciplines - applied chemistry and industrial catalysis, the applied chemistry specialty has designed a talent training system consisting of a boutique course platform, an innovative practice platform, a competition platform, a large-scale instrument training platform, and an international exchange platform to cultivate innovative talents with scientific literacy, innovative ability and comprehensive ability. we adhere to the educational idea of “student-oriented, general education, large-scale teaching, and inter-disciplinary innovation”, and cultivate social elites in related fields such as chemical basic research and chemical industry, focusing on the frontiers of chemical disciplines, major national needs, and national economic development. Our School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering has formed its characteristics in the synthesis of organic functional materials and its photophysics, photochemical research, chemical analysis technology research, separation and analysis of natural products and development of daily chemicals.

The main specialized courses include organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, introduction to spectroscopy, instrumental analysis, and chemical engineering principles.These courses are quality courses at the national, Shanghai or school level. The experimental teaching equipment is advanced and the laboratory conditions are excellent.

Graduate employment: In addition to being able to enter the first-level disciplines of chemistry, applied chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, fine chemicals and other disciplines to further their master's and doctoral degrees, they can also choose employment in various fields and enterprises in the fields of chemical industry, food, medicine, quality inspection, materials, environmental protection and education.

According to the training program, it usually takes four years to complete the study of this major. Upon completion of the requirements of the teaching and training program, students can obtain an undergraduate diploma and a bachelor's degree in engineering.

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