Intro: Material Chemistry

Material chemistry is an interdisciplinary subject of chemistry and material science. The products researched and developed by material chemistry improve the quality of human life dramatically. Material chemistry is also a powerful method to provide solutions for hot issues such as environment protection, energy development and functional material research. With the rapid development of economy and the increasingly fierce competition of market, science and technology are more and more important, and the key for science and technology development lies in the talent. Nowadays society is in great need of inter-disciplinary talent on top of basic theory of chemistry technology and having knowledge covering on engineering technology. Problems on the connection of chemistry and engineering application could thus be solved. Industries such as energy, materials, chemicals, light industry, food, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, medicine and others require materials chemistry talents to develop new products and improve market competitiveness, to ensure product quality, and promote scientific and technological development.


Material chemistry has a wide specialty coverage and new specialty content with service targets on many departments of national economy. Students graduate from this specialty can work in the positions of production, operation and management in relevant enterprises. Teaching and researching in universities or research institutions are other choices. The have the advantages of multidisciplinary and interinfiltration to afford the demand of the rising and high-tech industries.


This specialty is on the background of Industrial Catalysis , applied catalytic technology and functional materials, to cultivate talents to afford the need of our society. Received preliminary training in applied research, science and technology development and management, these talents from material chemistry are equipped with scientific quality, basic knowledge and basic skills of material chemistry. This specialty is based on the Key Laboratory for Advanced Materials. Achievements were remarkable in the fields of catalytic material, designing and synthesis of advanced functional material, photosensitive material, membrane material and designing and synthesis of molecules for material. The core curriculum includes material chemistry, structure and property of materials, functional polymer science and material chemistry experiment. The graduates have opportunities to take further study in master or PhD degree program in the centers of Industrial Catalysis and Advanced Functional Material and Technology. They can choose to work for enterprises, educational units and research institutions in the fields of chemistry engineering, material, energy, biology and environment.

This specialty has a four-year education program. Students are awarded the graduation certificate and Bachelor of Science degree after reaching the educational demand.

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