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Chemistry is a vibrant, challenging and important basic discipline which is closely related to all aspects of social development. This major is based on the chemical research and discipline construction of the chemistry senior subject. It has its characteristics in metal-organic chemistry, drugs and intermediates, biospecific chemicals and medicinal chemistry. There are national excellent courses: physical chemistry, organic chemistry; and Shanghai excellent courses: experimental chemistry, inorganic chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic synthetic chemistry, organic synthetic chemistry, spectral analysis and application. The aim of this major is to cultivate chemistry specialists with basic chemical theory and experimental skills, who are capable of scientific research, teaching and managing. The graduates can continue their studies to obtain master’s or doctoral degree on chemistry senior subject or medicinal chemistry as well as obtain employment at research institutions, universities or enterprises on pharmaceutical, cosmetics, materials, energy, biotechnology, environment, chemical industry, food engineering and so on.

There are many excellent teachers in this major, 60% of which are with senior titles including academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Laboratory of good condition and advanced experimental equipment as well as abundant scholarships on courses, competitions, academic progress, sports and culture are all available.

This major will cultivate students with profound chemical basis, strong experimental skills and practical ability, especially emphasis on the combination of knowledge, ability and quality. We focus on overall development of students’ self-confidence and creativity. The graduates systematically master the basic theory of chemistry, experimental methods and skills; the mathematics, physics and other basic knowledge that the discipline requires; foreign languages and a variety of method to get scientific research information; trained by basic and applied research scientific thinking and experiments. They have good scientific literacy and skills as well as management, humanities and  social science knowledge so that to achieve grate development in the community.

This major has an academic period of four years. Students who meet the teaching requirements will get the Undergraduate Diploma and Bachelor Degree in Science.

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