Liangzhen CAI

Liangzhen CAI



  Chair of Chemistry Department
  School of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering

Contact Information
  Office: Room 131, Researching Building3
  Office Phone: +86 21 642 52693
  1989.06 M.S.   Fine Chemical Engineering,   East China University of Science & Technology,Shanghai, P. R. China
  1984.07 B.S.   Chemistry,   East China Universityof Science & Technology, Shanghai, P. R. China
Research Interests
  Synthesis of Fine Chemistry Produces
  Synthesis of New Materials:OLED and LCD
  Synthesis of New catalysts

New methods of Synthesis

Professional Experience
  Professor, Dean of Chemistry Department
  East ChinaUniversity of Science & Technology,Shanghai, CHINA

  Visiting scholar, University of California,San Diego, USA

  Vice Dean of Chemistry Department
  East ChinaUniversity of Science &Technology, Shanghai, CHINA

  Vice Professor
  East ChinaUniversity of Science &Technology, Shanghai, CHINA
  Chemistry Department
  East China Universityof Science & Technology, Shanghai, CHINA

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  5.Yu Zhang,Zheng Xu,Liangzhen Cai,Guoqiao Lai,Haixiao Qiu,Yongjia Shen. (2008)
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